Please allow at least 5-7 business days before shipping an order. During graduation season we recommend ordering as early as possible as we may sell out. 

Once the order ships, it takes just 1 day to the West Coast and 2 days to the Midwest and East Coast. 

We can deliver to the West Coast on Tuesday - Friday, and Midwest and East Coast from Wed - Fri. This is due to some shipping restrictions ( no direct flights from Hawaii due to the distance)

We package our leis with the utmost care. During Summer months we use ice/gel packs to keep them fresh during transit, and in the winter months we use double insulation to keep out the cold. 

We highly recommend scheduling your delivery 1-2 business days before the event. There is always this small chance of a delay due to weather, mechanical issues on airplanes, or just human mistakes. Having that extra day will allow for packages to still arrive on time. 


Open the box upon receipt and check if the leis are ok. We need you to do this as a reassurance that the leis arrived fresh upon arrival. Please place your leis in a refrigerator or cooler immediately. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees. Make sure the leis are not wet, damp, or in a storage where they are too cold. Too cold temperatures will make them damp and moist which will lead to wilting. If possible, turn refrigerator on a warmer setting. Do NOT put leis in water or freezer. 

We are very confident that your leis will arrive fresh and in perfect condition. Should there be any issues, we will reship or refund your money. Your order is 100% guaranteed so you can shop with confidence!