Helpful information about shipping & delivery

We understand that it can get confusing when it comes to selecting a delivery date for your leis due to some restrictions, so here is some information to help you with this process!

Our boxes are packed with the utmost care to make it to the destination safely and fresh. We are aware of cold/warm weather and pack each order accordingly. 

All Leis are shipped from Honolulu via Fedex. We normally request 3 days lead time for shipping an order. Due to the delicate nature of shipping fresh products, we are shipping all leis with Fedex Priority overnight to ensure fastest delivery times. We are offering this next day service for the price of 2-day service because our main concern is for the flowers to get there fresh! However, it will still take 2 business days to all States east of the Rockies, the difference is that the packages are guaranteed to arrive in the morning and ride on a truck all day. 
For example, if we ship an order on Monday, it will get to the West Coast on Tuesday, for all other States east of the rockies the Leis will be delivered on Wednesday by 10:30am. 

The Calendar date you pick is indicating the date the Leis will be delivered to you. If the date is not available we will contact you. We will send the leis 1 or 2 days prior to the date you select, depending on the destination.

We highly recommend to have the leis delivered one or two days before the event as we cannot guarantee delivery times by FedEx.

An email with tracking information will be sent the day of your shipment.

All leis must be refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

Please carefully read the information below before you select a delivery date:

MONDAY DELIVERY: Is available for all destinations. Because the leis will be shipped out on the Friday before, freshness is not guaranteed for these shipments.

TUESDAY DELIVERY: Is available for all West Coast States mentioned above. No Tuesday deliveries to the East Coast

WED/THU/FRI  DELIVERY: Available for all destinations.

SATURDAY DELIVERY: Available for most destinations, with some exceptions. (for example rural areas). Due to Saturday not being a week-day, deliveries are more expensive, therefore please select the Saturday delivery option. If you are unsure whether your location offers Saturday delivery, please call us first. 

SUNDAY DELIVERY: Not available.

If you are still unsure or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!